About Race 1000

Welcome to the RACE 1000

RACE 1000 – HALF MILE Event

If you have a fast car and would like to compete against other cars in an acceleration duel, then this is the event for you.
We start from a standing start 1 vs. 1. Our professional Race America timing system measures the 1/2 mile (804.67m) speed. Each participant will receive a timeslip of their run. The highest top speed wins.

Racing will be in different classes.

Class 1 (1000hp+)
Class 2 (750hp-1000hp)
Class 3 (500hp-750hp)
Class Exotics (series sports cars from 500ps)
Class SUV

We look forward to seeing you. Race 1000 Team

As an insight, here are a few videos from the RACE 1000 – Half Mile Event.