Terms & Rules

General Rules

The following rules shall serve as the official rules and regulations for half-mile and roll racing events held by Race1000 LLC. Race1000 LLC reserves the right to amend the rules at any time by their discretion. By participating in any event held by Race1000 LLC you are agreeing to be subject to these rules as well as any changes or directions given by the Race1000 team and administrators. Auto racing is inherently dangerous; as such participants and spectators shall sign a release of liability stating they understand they are the sole responsible party for the safety of themselves and their vehicle as well as making sure they are compliant with the safety and technical regulations contained within the rules. The organizers may verify compliance to these rules at any time. Failure to comply with these rules may result in removal from the event without refund and/or ban from any and all future events. Race1000 LLC reserves the right to deem a participant or their vehicle to be unsafe for competition and remove them from competition at any time and without prior warning. Participants and attendees acknowledge and agree they will be subject to all rules, written and otherwise, imposed by the Race1000LLC staff and that they will be liable for any and all property damage without limitation.

  1. Interpretation and application of the rules by Race1000 officials is final and binding.
    • Determinations made by officials are non-litigable and participants shall not initiate or maintain any kind of litigation of any kind against Race1000 or anyone acting on their behalf in order to reverse or modify such determinations or seek to recover damages allegedly occurred as a result of such determination.
    • Beyond any other offenses or violations of specific rules the following offenses are considered a breach of the rules:
      • Attempting to bribe or bribing anyone connected with the event in any manner including solicitation, accepting or offering to accept a bribe
      • Acting to enable a person or car to be ineligible for the event
      • Acting fraudulently or prejudicially to the interest of Race1000
      • Driving or acting recklessly or dangerously anywhere within 10 miles of track property
      • Failing to obey the direction from an official
      • Refusing to cooperate with or obstructing the actions of Race1000 officials
      • Acting in an unsportsmanlike manner
      • Threatening or committing physical violence upon any other participant or spectator
      • Possession of firearms is not permitted
    • It is the duty of each competitor to show that their team and vehicle fully complies with the rules and regulations in their entirety at all times
  1. The participant agrees to permit Race1000 and their designated parties to use the following free of any charges, duties or fees, license, reproduce, have reproduced, show, have shown, without limitation in space or time all: soundtracks, photographs, drawings, trademarks, films/videos concerning competitors, their drivers, teams, or cars involved in the event(s) in any medium whatsoever sourced under the authority of Race1000 LLC (excluding anything submitted by a participant as a part of a formal protest or appeal) for any documents, reports, coverage, broadcast, program, publication, video game or model production, software, etc. whether past or future. Participants further acknowledge and agree that Race1000 LLC may freely assign or license its rights to a third party.

  2. Driver and Crew Conduct
    • The driver and entrant are responsible for the conduct of their crew at all times during the event including any violations of Race1000 regulations from the time the member arrives at the track until they leave.
    • Parent(s) and/or guardian that has signed a minor waiver on behalf of a minor is fully responsible for the behavior and safety of that minor. Likewise any breach of conduct by the minor shall be reflected upon the parent(s) and/or guardian in question.
    • Contact between vehicles on track is unacceptable. All vehicles must be driven in such a manner as to respect the current conditions of the track and other vehicles. Failure to avoid contact will likely result in loss of time or the end of your driving for the event as well as loss of the finishing position of the team/vehicle and all trophies/price money/contingency resulting.
    • Finishing position may not be bettered as a result of contact.

  3. Pets and service animals.
    • The owner is fully responsible for the actions of the pet(s) / service animals and for any liability arising from these actions.
    • Pets are allowed in the paddock provided they are confined or leashed appropriately and safely in regards to other people and the animal itself.
      • Any pet on a leash must be controlled by an adult and the leash may not exceed 10 feet in length.
    • Pets are prohibited within 100 feet of the track, the staging lanes and pit areas.

  4. Unmanned Aircraft Systems
    • Unless previously authorized by Race1000 officials or Race1000 media team any unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV or Drone) are not permitted to be in use on the property.
      • Anyone wishing to become authorized in order to use their UAV or Drone must have proof of FAA Certification and $10 million of liability insurance naming Race1000 as additional insureds or receive express permission to use it without these items present.
      • Recreational use of UAVs is prohibited at all times.

  5. Drugs, Alcohol and Narcotic
    • No driver, entrant, or crew may consume alcohol in any form until practice, qualifying and racing for their class is finished for the day
    • No official may consume alcohol until their duties have been completed for the day
    • Anyone who has consumed alcohol on the day of the event will not be allowed to participate on that day and may be excluded from the balance of the event.
    • The use of any federal schedule 1 controlled substances or other drugs (including marijuana and CBD derivatives) that affect the ability to safely participate in the event are expressly prohibited.
    • Officials should be consulted before any use of prescription and non-prescription medicines that can impair ability to safely participate are used
    • Any participant who violates this prohibition will be disallowed from any participation in the event until such a time as the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the race director.

  6. Medical Safety
    • A participant or attendee must report to event medical services when any of the following conditions are met.
      • Involvement in a collision with a stationary object
      • You are aware you may have been injured in an incident
      • You have been directed by an official to do so
    • Anyone deemed medically unfit for competition will be barred from competition until such a time as the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the race director.

  7. Passengers
    • Passengers are allowed in any vehicle racing in class 2 and 3 provided their safety equipment matches or exceeds the safety equipment required for the driver in that class
    • Passengers are not allowed in any vehicle for a licensing run for the next class
    • Passengers must sign the liability waiver prior to being allowed in the vehicle.
    • Any incidents such as an off, collision, or any breach of the rules of conduct or vehicle safety will disbar a vehicle from having passengers until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the race director.